En route to Belgium!

Future expats, expats, and future ex-expats, come this way! If you aren’t yet familiar with your new country, we will give you a first taste of Belgium and its culture, as well as its education and healthcare system. Satisfy your thirst for advice and benefit from step-by -step guides covering every stage of your journey before, during, and after your expatriation. No matter if it concerns you, your partner, children, car, pet or credit card, we’ve got it covered. Are you ready for the challenge?


You don’t know anything about Belgium? Let’s do a little catch-up session! Take the opportunity to update yourself on culture, education, career, healthcare, taxation and pensions.

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I’m getting ready

If you are moving abroad you will need to prepare. Check out our tips and tricks to find housing, the benefits of an international bank and how to prepare your family for this new adventure. Did you forget anything? Take a look at our checklist!

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I have arrived

Congratulations, you have passed the first hurdles! Do you want to understand how to purchase a property in Belgium, how to move around the country or how to manage your money? Here is our guide.

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I’m leaving

Bye-bye, Belgium! No matter if you are returning home or taking off for a new adventure, there are some important things to do first. At the least, there’s no need to say goodbye to your bank, it accompanies you!

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