What career opportunities are there in Belgium? What are the requirements when working as an employee, freelancer or European official?

Being employed in Belgium

How to find a job in Belgium? With many different institutions and international companies, Belgium offers a diverse professional landscape, with many opportunities for people seeking employment. The employee contract, for example, offers various possibilities. As an employee, you are subject to a fixed or indefinite term contract and need not worry about social contributions, which are directly deducted from your salary. You can also work in either the public or private sector.

Belgium through the eyes of a lobbyist

Kristina Stoyanova, 26, is originally from Bulgaria. At the age of 18, she decided to leave her country to broaden her horizon and pursue a university degree. She enrolled in "European Studies" at the University of Maastricht and later joined her sister in Belgium. She currently works as a lobbyist in an NGO active in the public health sector.

Working as a freelancer in Belgium

Is your head bursting with great ideas, do you have an iron will and an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you dreaming of being your own boss, and Belgium seems like the ideal country to get started? We hate to break it to you, but being self-employed involves at least as many constraints as advantages, and you need to be conscious about them. Becoming a freelancer might seem intimidating to those who do not know what it exactly involves. Here are the 10 steps not to miss!

Belgium through the eyes of a freelancer

Portuguese Italian, Antonio Buscardini, 31, grew up in Lisbon and attended a French high school there. After that, he studied political science in Toulouse. When the opportunity presented itself for Antonio to live in the Belgian capital, he was delighted. He is now working in his new job as a freelance journalist on several projects for one and a half years. One thing is certain, life never gets boring for Antonio.

Working for the European Union

Shaping the future of the Union is a real challenge! Do you feel ready to take it on? By working for the various institutions of the European Union, you will be part of a fast paced international environment with the possibility to make a lasting difference for Europe. On top of that, Brussels, a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, will convince you at first glance.

Belgium through the eyes of someone who works in the EU sphere

Cristian Kanovits, 35, hailing from Germany and Romania, is well versed in many fields. Cristian first came to Belgium as part of his studies. He then managed to get an internship in the European sphere, which opened doors to the professional world. Today he helps develop European policies. In this multicultural environment, Cristian feels like a fish in water. He likes it so much that he has decided to stay.