For questions about your banking and mandatory insurances in Belgium, this way!

Do you need a Belgian bank account?

Is it really necessary to open a bank account in the country you have moved to? What advantages come with an account at a Belgian bank? What are the costs when you use your credit card abroad? Read on for some answers.

Mobile banking

Don’t underestimate the convenience of being able to manage your Belgian bank account before, during or after your stay in Belgium (or basically whenever and wherever you want)!

My international transfers

Depending on their destination, your international transactions may be subject to different prices and fees. Fancy a short summary of the costs? We thought so...

Mandatory and optional insurances in Belgium

An insurance is a contract between an insurance company and you. The insurance company financially compensate you in case of a mishap (for example, fire or theft). The list of all guarantees and obligations are mentioned in the policy guidelines of your contract. But which insurances should you subscribe to in Belgium?

The keys to successful investing in Belgium

Thanks to your funds, you have been able to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for your family. But after meeting all the basic needs, do you sometimes wonder what to do with the capital that remains in your savings account for several years? Maybe it’s time to think about investing! Before placing your money in Belgium, it is important to ask yourself some questions.

How can you save money in Belgium?

Do you want to start or continue saving in Belgium? Depending on your own or the account holder’s profile, banks will offer you the most suitable solution.